Remove unnecessary costs and risk: Improve your bottom line

myB4 is an algorithm based, non-invasive, financial tool that aggregates lean financial data across ERP systems and flags financial loss

The myB4 solution

myB4 is a Financial Sonar. Once executed, B4 PreCrime reveals
Concrete Insights including:

Opportunities to save costs and recover money immediately

Pinpoints examples of financial damage and relevant fraud risks, alerting you
to the most significant examples.

Bridge the gap between different ERP systems giving you sharp insights and
better oversight

The B4 PreCrime algorithms utilizes lean data to analyze your entire business from  “money in money out” perspective


By following the money to and from suppliers, and using just a few critical data-points, get a grip on those suppliers which are, or are likely to be taking you for a ride and more.


Everyone loves their customers, but we need to really need to weed out the ones who are taking more than they deserve and putting our reputation in danger…

"Loose Money"

In our experience, everyone has payments, receipts and even cash transactions which are miscellaneous. The myB4 PreCrime algorithms are specialised at pinpointing where money is rather “loose” which in worst case signify embezzlement, bribes and even money-laundering.

B4 is non-invasive and does not interfere with daily financial operations or data processes

Resolution guidance

We also offer hands on resolution guidance for the tough cases.

No code, no integration, instant set up solution

All you have to do is insert a few CSV files, and let the do the hard work

myB4 is a financial sonar

Once executed, B4 PreCrime reveals concrete Insights including: Opportunities to save cost and recover money, Relevant Fraud Risks plus the most significant examples where this is taking place.

1: Import

Lean financial data from the accounting system without interfering in daily operations

2: Execute

The tried and tested  algorithms to produce a Financial Damage Radar with
in-built insights and online guidance

3: Interpret and Resolve

Your opportunities, risks and top cases to examine from myB4's Insightful Interactive Interpreter (i3) so that you can improve performance and protect your organisation

About B4

B4 Investigate AB is a Swedish company founded by Nigel Iyer and John Wallhoff in January 2020 with the purpose of enabling organisations worldwide to enable people in organisations worldwide to recognise, remove and resolve financial damage and fraud.

Fraud is pervasive and universal problem that is estimated to cost more than 6% of global GDP (University of Portsmouth). To combat the potential loss to your business, B4 has designed a unique tool that uses smart algorithms to alert you to potential and real financial damage from transactions with suppliers and customers.  

The Founders of B4 have combined their 40+ years of experience to build an easy-to-use tool called that lets organizations prevent financial damage themselves.  

Since inception B4 has grown to have over 40 active stakeholders in 3 continents and usage of is constantly growing.


Take the 5 minute test to discover what kind of fraud detective you are. From investigating hundreds of frauds and teaching thousands of people to spot and stop fraud over the past decades, we have realized is that absolutely anybody can spot fraud.

Our trials over many years supports our theory that “everybody can be a fraud detective” with four different types of fraud detective traits: Intuitive (typically “gut feel”), Transactional (focussed on details), Technocratic (highly systematic) or Holistic (“big picture”). Typically, people have one strong trait, a secondary trait and other “type traces”.

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